finally putting my cookbooks to use! – cocoa walnut butter & quick-pickled cucumbers

I have (in my opinion) SO MANY cookbooks! Why do I say this? Because I feel so guilty when I want to buy a new cookbook. That little voice in my head is like, “well, Carissa, you know you have like hella cookbooks already that you drool over but have never actually made anything out of.”

look at all of these beauties – so much potential!!!
this is my entire library-in-the-making for reference. I’d say the cookbook section is a solid 20%, right?

So now I am resolving to actually use these bad boys.

The goal is:

  1. To improve my cooking and baking skills, which is HIGHLY NEEDED, as I set off my smoke alarm yesterday morning and I have made myself sick by my own cooking no less that a dozen times by now.
  2. Use my cookbooks so I can buy more (hehe)
  3. Explore new cuisines, flavors and techniques (to help out goal #1 up there).

Here’s the first recipe I attempted to make – walnut mocha butter from nut butters. There’s one major thing I need to confess though… I wasn’t gifted you suck at cooking as like a really funny practical joke – I really do suck at cooking lol. The recipe calls for walnuts, chocolate chips, espresso powder and salt. Well… I used the walnuts and the salt lol! I’m still on the GAPS diet so I substituted cocoa powder and a tiny bit of stevia for the chocolate chips. And I didn’t have espresso powder, so I just left that out. Unfortunately, I must have used way too much salt or maybe the amount of salt was to balance the ingredients I didn’t include, so it tasted like walnut paste had been soaked in the ocean – so salty! I put it on these little GAPS “bread” muffin thingys, which also weren’t very good. Two negatives makes a positive, right?? Or I am really just that hungry.

Then I ventured over to this super cool Russian cookbook called Kachka that I got this past Christmas. I found a pickle recipe that I could eat during this stage of the GAPS diet I am persevering through, so I decided to give it a go! It does not taste like I imagine. It tastes like cucumbers, not magical Russian pickles aka Malosol’nye Cucumbers. Looking back now, I see where I went wrong. First, I cut the recipe amounts down by 1/5. When it called for cucumbers, dill, garlic cloves, water, salt and sugar, I sort of just decided to omit the sugar. Why? Because I don’t have sugar in my little apartment right now *shake my own head at myself…*

What did I learn from these two fails (#stilleatingit) today? I need to follow the recipe and the ingredients exactly while I am still in the baby-stages of learning how to feed myself 🙂

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