strawberry caprese kebabs

Look at how adorable these little babies are! Soooo cuuuuute :3
It’s like a bite of creamy/sweet/ fresh yumminess on a stick! These were super fun and impressive (lol!) appetizers at the very first dinner party I hosted πŸ™‚
I wanted to show off my new skills in the kitchen, and I prepared a whole three-course spread! These appetizers 100% turned out the best out of all three dishes. I highly recommend you try these. The strawberries I got weren’t as sweet as I’d have liked them to taste in order to be a delicious compliment to the creamy mozzarella and the fresh basil. But that’s probably because I bought strawberries in the beginning of March in Oregon…

But DID YOU KNOW that strawberries are typically the first fruit to ripen in the Spring? Do you know what that means!? Fresh strawberries are not that far away!
AND DID YOU KNOW that strawberries are, in fact, not berries at all, but fruit, and a member of the rose family!? If you’ve ever walked by a strawberry patch on a hot summer day, you know what I’m talking about. The sweet, fruity fragrance is intoxicating.

The assembly for these is SUPER easy! Maybe that’s why they turned out the best… minimal steps for me to mess up!
I rinsed and dried the strawberries (very important for your health) and then sliced them in bite-sized pieces (very important to not look like a fool while choking on a giant whole strawberry). Just stack mozzarella on top of basil on top of strawberry, spear it with a stick, drizzle over some olive oil and black pepper, and BAM! A super-fancy-looking yet incredibly simple appetizer πŸ˜‰

Also, I absolutely love this cookbook and everything that Erin Gleeson creates. She makes adorable artwork to go with her recipes and the photos of her food are like *forty-three drool-face emojis*

Strawberry Caprese Kebabs
from The Forest Feast Gatherings by Erin Gleeson
makes 8 servings (24 kebabs)


– 24 small strawberries (or larger ones cut in half or quarters)
– 1 bunch of fresh basil
– 16 oz (455 g) mini mozzarella balls
– extra virgin olive oil
– salt & black pepper


– Trim the tops off the strawberries. Slice into halves or quarters so they are all bite-sized pieces.
– Stack a strawberry, a basil leaf and a mozzarella ball on each kebab stick.
– Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper on top just before serving.
– Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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