pear and kale smoothie + cinnamon almond granola + coconut yogurt

Wow what a mouthful of a title! I’m nearly to the end of my challenge for myself of cooking one recipe out of the 50-plus cookbooks I own. The poor things just sit there collecting dust, so I figured I’d pull each one down and use them for once! This delicious smoothie bowl with an assortment of toppings is from a cookbook that is so gorgeous that I have literally read it in bed before falling asleep… No joke. Dreaming of swimming in a lagoon of crayfish rice vermicelli or taking the deep dive off a cliff of giant quinoa-dusted polenta croutons into a sea of banana and cacao smoothie is a dream worth dreaming. So I was so excited to finally make something out of this book, Nourish Bowls!

I shouldn’t have been that surprised at how infinitesimally sweet this smoothie bowl tastes. This is nourish bowls, so of course the sugar would be minimal. And if you know me, I have a wicked sweet tooth. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just made of lucky charm marshallows. I think I’d make a great elf… Anyways, I still really liked this smoothie bowl. It’s a great way to kick-start your morning with fresh fruits and veggies, so you can be way ahead of the game before you even fully wake up! And it’s green, which makes me feel healthy just by looking at it! The granola got real burnt (ew) and real oily (ugh), so it’s not my favorite granola. To be 100% honest, I don’t think I’d make this smoothie bowl again, since there are so many other smoothie bowl options out there. BUT if you like minimalist smoothie bowls and toppings that are not overly sweet, then give this one a whirl!

Also, here is a tip for you to learn from my fail: do NOT bake the dried cranberries with the granola. The recipe in the book said to. So I followed blindly. And I ended up with burnt, sour croutons that just turned to ashy dust in my mouth when I tried to bite into them… I actually tried dousing them with coconut yogurt and jam, but nothing could mask the smell of burnt defeat. So I unfortunately had to pick them out and toss them. *cries out a farewell to the poor burnt cranberries, waving a hankerchief in the wind to bid adieu*

cinnamon granola + pear kale smoothie + coconut yogurt + mixed seeds & dried berries
from Nourish Bowls by Cooked.


– 8 Tbsp (85 g) coconut oil
– 2 Tbsp honey
– 1 cup (100 g) uncooked jumbo rolled oats
– 2 Tbsp (20 g) quinoa
– 3 Tbsp (20 g) pumpkin seeds
– 2 Tbsp (20 g) flaxseeds
– 1/4 cup (40 g) roughly chopped almonds
– 1 tsp ground cinnamon

– 1 pear, quartered and cored
– a large handful of kale, tough stalks removed and leaves torn into shreds
– 1 tsp runny honey

– dried cranberries
– dairy-free coconut yogurt
– pumpkin seeds
– shelled hemp seeds


Make the granola:
– Preheat the oven to 275 F.
– Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
– Melt the coconut oil and honey over low heat [or in the microwave].
– In a bowl, mix the oats, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, chopped almonds, and cinnamon.
– Add the melted coconut and honey and mix well so everything is coated.
– Spread the mixture out evenly on the baking tray.
– Bake for ~ 50 minutes, stirring a couple of times to make sure it doesn’t burn.
– Let cool for at least 10 minutes.

Make the smoothie:
– Blend together the pear and kale with a bit of coconut water and 2 or 3 ice cubes. Add the 1 tsp of honey if you want some more sweetness.

Assemble your bowl:
– Pour the pear and kale smoothie into a bowl.
– Add a big spoonful of coconut yogurt. Sprinkle on some granola. Top with the rest of the toppings as you like. Enjoy! <3

BONUS: there will most probably leftover granola. nom nom nom.

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