blackberry banana split vegan ice cream

Yumm fresh fruit. Yass only two ingredients to pure happiness in a bowl! If you’re looking for a cold, sweet treat but are still going strong on those new year’s resolutions (or maybe you realized you need to drop the covid-19 pounds) then try this blackberry banana split vegan ice cream!
I first got this Rainbow Juice Cleanse book because I was feeling like I was in a 20-foot rut with my digestive health. No matter what I tried to add in or cut out from my diet, I was plagued with stomach aches on the daily. Ouch. Back in like 2015, I found this book in Powell’s and thought, what the heck, it can’t hurt to try a cleanse full of raw fruits and veggies, right? So I borrowed my neighbor’s juicer and I got to work! I skipped the juice-only part and made some delicious stuff like this vegan two-ingredient ice cream.
After looking back at the post-it notes laden with reviews that I stuck on the pages of recipes I made, I was sort of surprised to read that everything I made turned out pretty yummy! Maybe I just thought it was yummy because I was living off straight-up fruit and veg… Nah, if my memory serves me, it was pretty darn tasty overall. My favorite juice that I made from the book (I don’t remember this, I’m just going off the post-it note reviews I wrote five years ago) was the Creamed Yellow Pepper Juice. One head of cauliflower, two yellow bell peppers and one lime. That sounds so nasty. But I guess it was good??
I liked having a juicer because there was something so satisfying about liquefying gigantic chunks of solid food. But I swear, I was so appalled when I made the first juice, because the juicer devoured an entire armful of produce and put out just a tiny little glass of juice. And I despise wasting food, so I looked up recipes to use the pulp (all the leftover fibrous material that didn’t become juice). I made some veg-pulp-pancakes. They were beautiful because they were so colorful and it was like pancakes made of rainbows! But when you bite into a pancake and have to pick celery strings and zucchini peels out of your teeth, it’s a BIG turn off…
This vegan ice cream will always have a special place in my heart because (1) it’s only two ingredients and (2) it’s freaking delicious. Try it!! <3

Also, let’s just take a minute to marvel at the weather lately! Pouring rain storms for 20 minutes, followed by the brightest sunshine, closely followed by clouds that make it look like midnight at 3:00 pm with wind to tear your flower garden apart. What the heck! But I caught this photo on a nature walk in Hillsboro <3

The best way to test if your ice cream is thick enough is the ol’ dairy queen blizzard method. Take a spoonful and turn it upside-down! If it sticks to your spoon and doesn’t slop down, you got yourself some thicc ice cream to make all the booty-building fanatics jealous 😉

blackberry banana split ice cream
from The Rainbow Juice Cleanse by Dr. Ginger Southall


– 3 ripe bananas, peeled and chopped into chunks
– 2 cups blackberries
– water, as needed*
– fresh banana slices and fresh blackberries for garnish, optional


– Freeze the banana chunks and blackberries overnight.
– In a blender, mix the bananas and blackberries to create the thickest smoothie ever.
– Add a little bit of water, if needed. *The less water you use, the creamier and thicker your vegan ice cream will be. I didn’t use any water at all, but just scraped down the sides of the blender a few times.
– Garnish with fresh banana slices and blackberries.
– Will keep in the freezer for several days. 😀

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