summer salad with candied rhubarb swirls + feta + mixed greens

Sunshine, tan lines, flip flops, iced tea, long days, warm nights, and… rhubarb!

To make these gorgeous rhubarb candied swirls, you are only going to use the deep red skin. However, I try to let nothing go to waste, so I made some unique rhubarb muffins with the leftovers. They tasted interesting. Sort of like if you put sourpatch kids in a bomb vanilla muffin. The recipe link and photos are at the bottom of this post, if you’re at all curious! 😉

You could totally make this salad red-white-and-blue for the 4th of July today! Just add some blueberries and then you have red rhubarb swirls, white feta cheese and blue blueberries. Viola! A healthier dish for Independence Day!

PRO TIP: Get all your spoons and utensils ready before you start making anything! That way you can be sure you have enough. I ended up only needing the four wooden spoons.

SPOILER ALERT: Yes, the rhubarb candy is a bit hard to clean off your wooden spoons. But it will come off after a nice soak and a scrub.

If making candied rhubarb seems far too unnecessary and totally extra for you, then dried cranberries would also suit this salad just fine. But come on, who doesn’t want a little candied swirly twirl in their salad!? It’s so pretty!!

early summer salad with candied rhubarb swirls + feta + mixed greens

what the heck

(from Delicious from Scratch)
– 1 cup (200 grams) sugar
– 1 cup (250 mL) water
– 2 large rhubarb stalks

– feta cheese crumbles
– mixed spring greens (baby lettuces, arugula and spinach)
– sunflower seeds

– ¼ extra virgin olive oil
– 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
– pinch of salt and pepper each

how the heck

– Lay out all your wooden/plastic spoons or anything that has a similar shape and size as the swirls you want to make.
– Put the sugar and the water in a small pan over medium heat. Swirl the sugar around every so often until it is completely dissolved. Set your simple syrup aside to cool.
– Wash the rhubarb and peel off the skin with a vegetable peeler or a knife. Cut the peels into about 3-inch strips.
– Soak the rhubarb peels in the cooled simple syrup for at least 10 minutes.
– Preheat the oven to 215°F (100°C).
– Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Lay out the strips so they are flat and not touching each other.
– Bake until the strips are dried out and a little crisp. Start checking your strips after 15 minutes. Some strips will be done before others are done.*
– When the strips are done in the oven, wrap them around the spoon handles to create the swirls. Let them dry completely before unwinding them from the spoon handles (at least an hour or more).

*PRO TIP: if your rhubarb strips don’t stay curled around the spoon, they need to bake longer. If they break when you try to curl them, they’ve baked for too long.

– Mix up the salad dressing.
– In each bowl, lay a bed of mixed greens and top with feta cheese, and a few teaspoons of sunflower seeds.
– Artfully lay out your impressive rhubarb swirls.
– Drizzle the dressing on top of each salad bowl.
– Voila! Enjoy! <3

Now. To find a delicious use for the extra rhubarb! I made these rhubarb muffins. If you like sour food, you might like these. Because this muffin recipe does nothing to sweeten up the rhubarb other than envelope them in delicious muffin batter. So it’s sort of like yumm muffin and then uhhh sour fruit piece? mmm okay, interesting… :p
Recipe for Rhubarb Muffins!
Let me know if you make something else with your leftover rhubarb!!

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  1. Jim E.

    The curled rhubarb looks very yummy and colorful. As a child I just took a stalk of rhubarb, cut off the end, dipped it into a bowl if sugar, chewed awhile then re-dipped.

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