Four Delicious Layer Cakes

Welcome to the world of layer cakes! I am absolutely obsessed with layer cakes. They look so impressive and there are literally endless creative possibilities! I could binge-watch Cake Boss all day long. I watch Cupcake Jemma’s weekly videos on YouTube as if my life depended on it. Call me Ms. British Baking Show Addict. One, two, three, and four delicious layer cakes, all day, every day! However, do you ever find yourself totally enthralled with something, like baking elaborate cakes, only to come to the harsh realization that you (in real life) cannot do it like they do it on TV? I know, the truth hurts sometimes.
That’s why this summer, I decided to undertake the journey of learning how to make layer cakes. I’ve included the sources for the recipes I followed. Take a look (and a laugh) at my quest this summer to learning how to create gorgeous, impressive, delicious layer cakes.

Nostalgic One Layer Cake

What Went Well!

I came out of the gate with guns a-blazing with my attempt at a funfetti cake with cream cheese icing. I really wanted to make this Funfetti Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting for my sister when we had dinner and dessert together at her house. Funfetti cake with extra sprinkles on top reminded me of all the candy we used to eat together as kids. Halloween would last through December, because we would hide our candy stashes throughout the house and eat a few treasured pieces every day. Ah, those were the days.

The recipe for this Funfetti Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting is courtesy of Constellation Inspiration.

What I Learned!

I really meant this to be a two layer cake. In fact, I made the second layer! It just didn’t quite survive my novice level of skill. πŸ™ I tried taking it out of the cake pan too quickly, and it sort of just gave up on me. But it was still delicious to snack on, so it didn’t go to waste! πŸ˜‰

That night, we had grilled balsamic chicken, asparagus, bell peppers and zucchini, courtesy of my sister and her grill in the backyard. Thanks, sis!

Decadent Two Layer Cake

What Went Well!

If you love s’mores, THIS is the cake for you. This cake was my wildest dreams come true. The graham cracker cake tasted so cinnamon-y. It wasn’t dry like a graham cracker. It was as if graham crackers transformed themselves into a delicious and rich cake. The homemade marshmallow fluff was the best gooey, sweet, sticky, marshmallow-y filling ever created. The chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream was so light and fluffy, yet so rich and creamy.
I added some extra blobs of chocolate ganache and sprinkled graham crackers on top for an artistic effect. S’mores are one of my favorites parts of summer, and now this cake is going to be a new summer tradition.

The recipe for this delectable S’mores Layer Cake with Homemade Fluff is courtesy of Baran Bakery.

What I Learned!

The homemade marshmallow fluff (aka meringue) was a challenge. I don’t have a stand mixer or an electric hand mixer. Instead, I have a whisk attachment to my immersion blender, which works great for whipping light things like whipped cream. But for something intense that takes at least 10 minutes like meringue, I thought my poor little immersion blender was going to explode! It got so hot that I could barely even hold it in my hands! Eventually, the marshmallow fluff was a success, but I forgot a key tip – add a little cream of tartar to help meringue come together. That may have saved some time and stress.

For dinner, we had shredded chicken street tacos, again courtesy of my sister.

Beautiful Three Layer Cake

What Went Well!

This bursting blueberry and lemon cake felt like such an accomplishment for me! I have never made a three layer cake before, and I was intimidated. What if the layers slide off each other and it lands in a big mess on the floor? What if it doesn’t bake evenly and it just implodes on itself? Luckily, this cake turned out beautiful and delicious. The tang of the cream cheese in the buttercream frosting balances sweet and tart. The lemon juice and zest in the cake give a little extra zing in your mouth. And the coconut oil creates a dense cake, almost like a super thick blueberry muffin. The blueberry jam keeps it all wonderfully sweet and enhances the blueberry flavor.
This cake is rich and gorgeous, just like I hope to be someday. πŸ˜‰

This recipe for the Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake is courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.

What I Learned!

This was my first attempt at an ombrΓ© cake! I learned that it’s important to make the colors different enough so you can actually see a gradient, but close enough so that they’ll blend together at the edges. However, it’s important not to add too much liquid (either food coloring or jam) to a buttercream. I added about 3 tablespoons of blueberry jam to make the darkest buttercream layer, which messed with the texture of the icing. That amount of jam made the buttercream sort of grainy and thin, which therefore made it harder to get the icing to stick on the sides of the cake. My icing is not perfect, but it’s tasty, and I also learned the importance of cake-to-icing ratio. The key tip: use more icing between the cake layers! Too little icing between the layers makes the cake feel unbalanced.

Healthy Four Layer Cake

What Went Well!

Who says you can’t have a delicious birthday cake that is:
– vegan
– gluten-free
– dairy-free
– refined-sugar-free
– fat-free
– guilt-free

This cake is really simple to make – no whisking, mixing or baking required!
Just get a whole watermelon, cut the rind off, slice and trim it into rounds, and stack it like a layer cake! Add whatever extra fruit you like. I used toothpicks to stick on the strawberries, but you could also try using icing to get fruit to stick. It was honestly one of the best birthday cakes ever because you can eat and eat and eat, and you feel even healthier than before you took the first bite! Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world, Abdulla! <3

Your Turn!

Alright, I have (mostly successfully) baked four delicious layer cakes! Let me know if you have any tips for baking and decorating layer cakes, or if you have any great success (or fail) stories at making a layer cake. Thanks for reading!
I hope to be able to share more layer cakes very soon! πŸ™‚

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  1. Katie LaMora

    Congratulations on your epic baking adventure from 1 to 2 to 3 and finally 4 layer cake creations!
    You have inspired me to move on from brownies to cakes!!

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