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New Year’s Fortune Cookies for 2021

Hellooooo 2021! It’s about dang time you got here! To celebrate, I made New Year’s fortune cookies for 2021 with inspiring and funny messages inside. The recipe was super simple and they look just like the ones from the Chinese restaurants! πŸ™‚
Hopefully this brings some good fortune in the new year. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to eat cookies in January. :p

fortune cookies inside a Chinese takeout box
fortune cookies spread out on marble
fortune cookies stacked in a pile on a white plate with a funny 2021 message that says "you are still drunk"

The Fortune Cookie Batter

After a bit of perusing the internet, I found that there are some variations of fortune cookie recipes. Most use egg whites, sugar and flour and then build on the flavor from there. The recipe that I followed is from Just a Taste. It turned out really well! The only difference I made was the baking time. I found that baking my cookies for about 8 to 10 minutes helped them been a deeper golden color and also prevented the paper from sticking to the insides. After they cooled and dried out, the cookies that baked longer had that delectable crispy crunch. But the cookies that were under baked were chewy and hard and basically an over all let down (I’m looking at you, 2020).

spreading out the cookie batter with a spoon on a baking sheet
spreading out the cookie batter with a spoon on a baking sheet

Funny & Inspiring Messages

The best part about making fortune cookies at home is that you can write whatever you want on the message inside! I chose a blend of funny/quirky ones alongside some inspiration for the new year. The size of the paper I cut for each message was about 6 cm long by 1.5 cm wide.
Some of my favorite fortunes include:
“About time I got out of that dang cookie!”
“Your lucky numbers are 20, 2, 0, 2020”
“hi, I think you’re great!”
“Your pet is planning to eat you”
“Fortune smiles on those who don’t look for it in a cookie”

funny and inspiring messages for 2021 fortune cookies
fortune cookies stacked in a pile on a white plate with a funny 2021 messages all around

Assembling your New Year’s Fortune Cookies for 2021

I watched a bunch of videos on how to assemble fortune cookies. I thought there must be some way besides man handling the blazing hot cookies straight out of the oven. But alas, I just kept a bowl of ice cubes nearby to soak my fingers after holding, pressing and folding these bad boys. In the end, my fingers didn’t get actually burned and the cookies turned out great, so it was worth it. πŸ™‚

fortune cookies neatly lined in three rows

History of the Fortune Cookie

The true historical account of the fortune cookie is a bit disputed. Today, you can find them all over the world in Chinese restaurants. But did fortune cookies originally come from China? There is a pretty strong consensus that the answer is a hard no. Some say the fortune cookie was invented in LA in 1918, by a Chinese immigrant named David Jung. Others claim fortune cookies originated from bakeries in Japan in and around Kyoto. And there are many more myths and legends of how the fortune cookie came to be.

fortune cookies spread out on marble

Today’s Fortune Cookies in 2021

Now you can find the cookies in all sorts of varieties, flavored and dyed a rainbow of colors, dipped in chocolate, covered in sprinkles, rolled in sesame seeds, you name it!
They aren’t the simplest cookies to make, since you have to hide the fortune inside and shape them while they’re still hot. But I found that they are extremely fun and delicious to make at home.
You can make red velvet flavored fortune cookies with white chocolate drizzle for Valentine’s Day. Or peppermint fortune cookies dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed candy canes for a Christmas spin on this classic. Tuck quirky messages inside for the ultimate New Year’s Fortune Cookies for 2021. The possibilities are endless with this unique little cookie!

fortune cookies inside a Chinese takeout box

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  1. Yum-number1

    I have so many funny fortunes I could write, that are probably not appropriate to share here πŸ˜…
    Happy new year to you!!

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