Milk Bar Crack Pie

Wait what? Milk Bar Crack pie? As in like crack is whack crack??
There’s no actual crack or drug of any kind (besides sugar) in this pie. BUT I promise that you will become addicted after the first bite, and you will be craving more. Eating this pie is like the best high in the world… it’s packed with caramelized sugar, butter and magic. No lie.
One slice is never enough. A second slice doesn’t quite satiate your appetite. That third slice was amazing but let me just get at it once more… And I’m pretty sure this is why the recipe from Milk Bar makes TWO pies. One is NEVER enough, my friends. Don’t believe me? Just try it. I dare you. You’re not scared, are you? Just kidding! 😈

Milk Bar is one of the most incredible bakeries in the world, run by an innovative baker, Christina Tosi. They have cakes, cookies and pies inspired by the best parts of childhood – cornflakes, birthday cake and sprinkles galore.

For the full recipe of this undeniably decadent pie, check it out on Milk Bar’s website.

It’s on my travel bucket list to visit Milk Bar’s flagship store in New York City, where the magic all started. I mean, come on, soft serve ice cream that tastes like the last bit of sugary delicious milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl! WHAT?!
I made vegan cereal milk cookies inspired by Milk Bar’s notorious cereal milk, and they are freaking amazing. But this pie… *sighs in contentment* THIS PIE is something else.
It should come with a warning label: May cause excessive drooling and dreams lusting after this pie. Will cause paranoia that someone ate that slice you were hiding for later.

How do you make Milk Bar Crack Pie?

Step 1 – Make a giant oatmeal cookie and the magical pie filling

Step 2 – Break the giant oatmeal cookie into crumbs

Step 3 – Mix your oatmeal cookie crumbs with melted butter to make the pie crust

Step 4 – Smoosh the cookie pie crust into two pie tins

Step 5 – Pour the filling into each pie tin and smooth it out.
Bake these bad boyz until only the center is jiggly, then refrigerate them until they are set.

Step 6 – Marvel at the monstrous beauties you have created with your bare hands

Step 7 – Dust liberally with powdered sugar

Step 8 – Decide if you want to share this or hoard it all to yourself…
(this is a judgement-free zone)

Step 9 – Slice it up and devour this addictive pie, already!!

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  1. Yum-number1

    I’ve heard about Milk Bar and their recipes are most definitely good!
    Sooo…do you have more…….more of that good stuff……asking for a friend…need some crack pie……🤤

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