What to Do at Long Beach, Washington

The pacific northwest hosts a variety of treasures and gems such as Long Beach. It’s a quiet beach town with a family-friendly vibe. Are you looking for what to do at Long Beach, Washington? Keep reading as we explore where to grab delicious food and where to find the action. Visit the “World’s Longest Continuous Peninsula Beach” for some fun and relaxation! ⛱

truck driving under a sign that says "Long Beach"

Where to Eat a Meal

Before we get into what to do at Long Beach, Washington, let’s talk about what’s really important – FOOD! The beach is gorgeous, the shops are fun and the people are friendly, but let’s make sure our bellies will be happy too! We left Portland around seven in the morning, so by the time we made the two-ish hour drive up to Long Beach, we were ready for some breakfast. We ate at Pickled Fish, which is on the third/top floor of Adrift Hotel. Every window from the restaurant had amazing views of the beach and lush surrounding forest.

Other dining options for a big beach bonanza include:

The Chowder Stop has the BEST clam chowder. Try their unique Chowder Fries, which is basically like Canadian poutine, but with hot New England clam chowder smothering French fries. Oh yea, baby. 🍟

– Stop by Castaways Seafood Grille for delicious and fresh fish and chips. If you’re more in the mood for a steak, salad or burger, they have that too. But when you’re in sight of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, why not get some fried fish or clams?

breakfast plate of fried potatoes and a egg and broccoli scramble
veggie and egg scramble with a side of fried potatoes from Pickled Fish
view of the beach and sky from the third floor of a hotel
view from Pickled Fish restaurant

Where to Eat a Snack

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or carb-cravings, head straight to Dylan’s Cottage Bakery. We snagged an uber-chocolate muffin and a pecan honey pastry. Both were divine. The bakery is just a ten minute walk from the boardwalk and beach, so you can take a short stroll whenever you get the munchies. And I must say, nothing beats eating fresh sweet pastries on the beach with the ocean waves caressing the sandy shore.

glass cases of pastries at Dylan's Bakery
chocolate muffin and a pecan roll with the view of the ocean on Long Beach, WA in the background

What to Do at Long Beach, Washington for Fun!

Horse Riding!

There are two spots just minutes from the beach to be able to book a horse ride! Availability depends on the season and day of the week, so it’s best to call ahead if you can. We stopped by Long Beach Horse Rides on a Sunday around 10 am, and they had plenty of spots open for us to join their 2:30 pm ride that same day. And nearly right across the street is West Coast Horse Rides. We didn’t take a ride along the sandy trails, but it’s on the bucket list for our next visit! 🐴

looking for what to do at long beach, Washington - one of two horse riding companies

Marsh’s Free Museum!

Are you ready to see the weird, unimaginable and down right creepy? Marsh’s Free Museum at Long Beach has oddities like a stuffed two-headed cow, a mounted barn owl on steroids, a jackelope, vacuums from the early 1900’s, a mermaid, and much more! The museum is connected to a store where you can buy seashells, post cards, clothing and other fun merchandise.
Note that they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in case you’re planning a weekday trip and want to catch these crazy creatures.

a two-headed cow at Marsh's Free Museum, which is something to see when you're looking for what to do at Long Beach, Washington
a giant stuffed water buffalo at Marsh's Free Museum, which is something to see when you're looking for what to do at Long Beach, Washington
a stuffed barn owl on steroids head mounted on the wall
stuffed jackelope at Marsh's Free Museum
antique vacuum cleaners from the early 1900s mounted on the wall
"real" mermaid in a glass case that was found nearby

Drive Your Car on the Beach!

Is driving on the beach allowed where you live? Driving your car out on the beach is allowed at Long Beach, WA and this was a total novelty for me! This was probably the coolest thing I found when searching for what to do at Long Beach, Washington. And I felt like I was a total outlaw breaking the rules when I drove my little Honda onto the sandy beach! I was hooting and hollering the hole time as I was giddy with the thrill of adrenaline. 🚗🌊 My fiancé on the other hand grew up where everyone drives out onto the beach all the time, so he wasn’t quite as exhilarated as me. 😅

If you’ve never driven a car on a sandy beach, there are a few critical things to think about.

First, if you have a smaller two-wheel-drive rig like mine, try to only drive on wetter packed sand. If you try to drive on loose, shifting dry sand, you could get stuck. Which would not be fun.

The second thing to think about is that the tide at Long Beach has a massive water level difference. If you drive your car out during low tide and think you’re a safe distance away from the water, you might just wake up from a nap and find your car is about to be washed away into the ocean! So keep an eye on the water level and keep your car a safe distance from the water.

car driving out on the beach which is one of the most fun things when looking for what to do at Long Beach, Washington

What Else to Do Near Long Beach?

If you have time, here are a few side trips to make your beach day even more fun!

If you’re driving from the south, you’ll likely drive through Astoria, Oregon – the film location of many scenes from the movie The Goonies! There are a ton of things to do in Astoria! Take a beautiful river walk or visit Fort Astoria, which was built by fur traders back in the early 1800’s!

We stopped at Camp 18 on Highway 26 about an hour and half into our trip home from Long Beach. The restaurant was closed due to a heat advisory since we took this beach trip when it was 115°F! If you walk down the gravel slope behind the restaurant, you can cool off and enjoy the sounds of a trickling stream at Humbug Creek.
Read more info about Camp 18 here!

Humbug Creek behind Camp 18 when traveling in Oregon

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