Homemade Vegan Butter

brown mushrooms growing on a fallen tree log

Living a Slower Life

Hi there, friends! The weather here in Oregon has been getting colder, and the nights have been becoming longer. The moss and mushrooms begin to thrive in the cold, wet weather. And with all of that comes the holiday season, and the hustle and bustle quickly follows. There are never-ending to-do lists and wish lists. But I wanted to make a conscience effort to slow down this year, as the rest of the world speeds up. Therefore, I decided to embark on making a few “time-consuming” recipes at home. The process of making canned spiced applesauce, sourdough bread (more on that coming soon), and homemade vegan butter require time and patience. It can be sort of a meditative act to knead bread for ten minutes, or to smooth out butter in a glass dish.

Whatever it is that helps you slow down your pace a bit this season, I encourage you to focus on it. Spend time out in nature. Take a few extra minutes to just sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. Or carve out a half hour to have a deeper and intentional conversation with a loved one. By avoiding the trap of “needing” to hustle and hurry, we can get closer to maintaining our connection with ourselves, our relationships and our environment. 💚

a square glass dish full of Homemade Dairy Free Butter
a wooden spoon scooping a dollop of homemade butter out of a glass dish
a hand holding a sourdough cracker topped with butter

Making Vegan Butter at Home

People have been making staples like butter at home for centuries. Go out to the barn, milk the cow, and churn the milk into butter. Now, I don’t have a cow (yet…) and my tummy doesn’t really do well with dairy. So I decided to make dairy free butter at home instead. And I was surprised at just how simple it is! The recipe I followed is this one from Virtual Vegan.
Vegan butter at the grocery store can be expensive. And while the ingredients to make homemade vegan butter weren’t cheap, the amount needed is relatively small, so the ingredients will last you a while. I had to go to a specialty health food store to find a few of the ingredients as well. I guess the chain grocery stores in my area don’t keep refined coconut oil and nutritional yeast on stock.🤷‍♀️

Enjoying Vegan Butter

When we first tasted this vegan butter, ohh myy goodness… 🧈 The flavor is so rich! It is salty, creamy and almost a little cheesy. It tastes way better than any store-bought brands I have tried. And we put this butter on everything! We eat eggs and toast most mornings for breakfast, so we cooked the eggs in this homemade dairy free butter for extra flavor. And this butter browns beautifully in a hot pan. We also mixed it into mashed potatoes and baked it into sourdough crackers. The texture is a great alternative to dairy butter, and it can be substituted in virtually any recipe.

I hope you have a wonderful Winter this year, full of slower moments with joy and peace. Enjoy! ⛄

sourdough crackers spread out on a wooden cutting board topped with DIY butter
hand holding a sourdough cracker topped with Homemade Dairy Free Butter

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