Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Gluten Free Rice Flour Shells The rice flour taco shells of these vegan roasted cauliflower tacos are one of my favorite vessels for food. They are made with white rice flour, making them gluten free AND extra pliable. This means you can stuff the tacos to the brim and they won’t fall apart like otherContinue reading “Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Tacos”

Curry Molasses Ginger Cookies

Curry Powder in a Cookie If you love rich, earthy flavors like turmeric lattes, hemp milk and matcha, then you’re going to love these cookies! I wanted to experiment with a very unlikely spice in a sweet cookie – curry powder. I know what you may be thinking. Seriously, curry powder?? As in like spicyContinue reading “Curry Molasses Ginger Cookies”

Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1980’s

Welcome to the 1980’s in the United States! We are bombarded with big hair, heavy makeup, and loud music! Now, if you were born in the eighties or in any of the past decades we’ve explored, that does NOT mean that YOU are vintage. These recipes are called “vintage” just to showcase their nostalgia. ButContinue reading “Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1980’s”

Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1970’s

Welcome to a 1970’s history lesson via the best learning tool – FOOD! So far on this time-travel experiment, we learned about the World War II efforts in the 1940’s with rationed ingredients. And in the 1950’s, recipes using processed and canned foods for convenience were all the rage. And in the 1960’s, cocktail partiesContinue reading “Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1970’s”

Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1960’s

Life in the 1960’s in America Welcome to America in the 1960’s, baby! We’ve jumped into the time-traveling VW hippie van and landed in the sixties. While the fifties were inundated with processed and canned foods after the war ended, the 1960’s saw a revival of unprocessed foods along with co-ops, vegetarian diets and DIYContinue reading “Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1960’s”

Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1950’s

Welcome to the 1950’s in America Hello and welcome back to episode two of time travel with food! That’s right, we are going back in time and we are cooking vintage recipes from the 1950’s! These recipes from America’s history are not very popular anymore in mainstream society. I hope you enjoy reading and learnContinue reading “Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1950’s”

Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1940’s

Life in the 1940’s Food has the power to transport us to different places in the world as well as different times in history. So, I’ve decided to embark on a little “time travel experiment” by cooking American vintage recipes from the 1940’s! During the forties, there was great turmoil due to World War II.Continue reading “Cooking Vintage Recipes from the 1940’s”

Sorghum Brownies & Other Iftar Desserts

What is Iftar? Sorghum brownies, pistachio macarons and baklava are some of the best iftar desserts! But wait, you may be asking, what is iftar?? Basically, iftar is the meal that you eat once the sun goes down after fasting all day during Ramadan. And everything tastes like the best thing that has ever enteredContinue reading “Sorghum Brownies & Other Iftar Desserts”

Grandma’s Korean Bulgogi Tacos

Grandma makes the BEST bulgogi! My Grandma brought incredible stories and delicious recipes from her childhood in North Korea and her young adulthood in South Korea. She makes sure these traditions and wisdom are passed down so we don’t forget where our ancestors come from. Her most notorious recipe is her bulgogi, which is thinlyContinue reading “Grandma’s Korean Bulgogi Tacos”

Chewy Corn Flour Cocoa Cookies

Whale hello there! How is your Spring season going? I hope you are soaking in some vitamin D on the sunny days! We just had about a week-long streak of cloudless skies and 80-degree weather here in Oregon! But the faithful clouds have returned and the temperature has dropped a bit. Which makes it theContinue reading “Chewy Corn Flour Cocoa Cookies”

Simple Vegan Chickpea Stew

Hello! It’s getting warmer and warmer as Spring comes into full bloom! This weekend in Portland, Oregon, it’s in the 80’s! YAHOO!! I cannot wait for beach days, late night bonfires and tons of pool time this summer! But Oregon has this abominable little habit of tricking us into thinking that warm days are hereContinue reading “Simple Vegan Chickpea Stew”

Dyeing Fabric with Kitchen Scraps

Less Food Waste = A Healthier Planet I have a mild obsession with figuring out ways to reduce food waste. Food is not only fuel for our bodies and minds. Food is the very thing that connects living beings with the earth. If we didn’t have the perfect elemental balance in our air and ourContinue reading “Dyeing Fabric with Kitchen Scraps”

Ultimate Lucky Charms Pop Tarts!

Confession: I LOVE LUCKY CHARMS and POP TARTS! I mean come on. I basically have never not been craving a giant bowl of Lucky Charms, or a hot pop tart straight out of the toaster! And I even made pop tart macarons! THAT’S how much I love those processed sweets. But these products have countlessContinue reading “Ultimate Lucky Charms Pop Tarts!”

Tulip Farm & Easter Cookies!

We got engaged!!! On my birthday two weeks ago, we went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. It was an overcast and windy day, and the colors of the tulips really popped against the grey sky. It was still a bit early in the season for the tulips, so they weren’t all in fullContinue reading “Tulip Farm & Easter Cookies!”

Slovenian Easter Buns

Easter Buns from my Dad’s Dad’s Dad Easter is almost here!! Typically around this time of year, ovens are filled with hot cross buns. And usually, we are part of the hot cross bun entourage, making the home smell like fresh bread and icing them with crosses. But this year, I wanted to try somethingContinue reading “Slovenian Easter Buns”

Easter Eggs Dyed with Kitchen Scraps!

Let’s Welcome Spring with Bold Colors Happy Spring!! The tulips and daffodils are blooming, the birds have a happy tone in their song and the sun is shining earlier in the morning and longer into the evening. This time of year is so special because new life is budding and blooming all around! And whatContinue reading “Easter Eggs Dyed with Kitchen Scraps!”

Strawberry Pop Tart Macarons!

HAPPY NATIONAL MACARON DAY!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!It’s national macaron day every March 20th here in the United States. And what better way to celebrate than with some amazingly delicious and unique strawberry pop tart macarons!?! If you haven’t made macarons before, check out my own first attempt, along with a some helpful tips and a plethoraContinue reading “Strawberry Pop Tart Macarons!”

Milk Bar Crack Pie

Wait what? Milk Bar Crack pie? As in like crack is whack crack??There’s no actual crack or drug of any kind (besides sugar) in this pie. BUT I promise that you will become addicted after the first bite, and you will be craving more. Eating this pie is like the best high in the world…Continue reading “Milk Bar Crack Pie”

Vegan Black Bean Brownies with Chickpea Cookie Dough

Is it freaking you out to see Christmas-themed photos in March? TECHNICALLY it’s still Winter for one more week. Truth be told, I made these healthy vegan black bean brownies with chickpea cookie dough in November and I was SO STOKED to share them. But then I totally forgot about them and I was likeContinue reading “Vegan Black Bean Brownies with Chickpea Cookie Dough”

chocolate strawberry macarons

My very first attempt at making macarons Helloooo, March! On this lovely weekend in the glorious third month of the year (because it’s my bday month, ayoo!) I decided to take a whack at something I’ve never made before – macarons. These illustrious French pastries have captured my heart and my stomach for ages. AsContinue reading “chocolate strawberry macarons”

Candied Cranberry Crepes

One Food for the Rest of Your Life… If you could only eat one food for the rest of your entire life, what would it be? I would choose crepes every time. There are endless flavor possibilities with these French staples! If you’ve never had crepes before, they are like super thin pancakes with aContinue reading “Candied Cranberry Crepes”

I Let Buzzfeed Decide What I Eat For A Day…

I first found Buzzfeed in about 2012 and I quickly became enthralled by their quizzes. They are so random and unnecessary, and they are unnervingly entertaining. Most of the quizzes only take a few minutes, so you can quickly find out all sorts of things you never needed to know about yourself. For a funContinue reading “I Let Buzzfeed Decide What I Eat For A Day…”

vegan miso banana bread

The perfect bananas for making banana bread are so brown that they are toeing the border of going bad. Like, not moldy yet. But the ratio of brown to yellow should be about 9:1. So yes, it will take some time and patience to prepare this amazing vegan miso banana bread. But the wait forContinue reading “vegan miso banana bread”

Thai-Style Quesadillas & Tacos with Fresh Tortillas

Trying an Internet Trend During Snow First, this was the weather while I was making these delicious quesadillas. SNOW! It rarely snows where I live, so this was a treat! But now, on to more important things… FOOD! I’ve seen this cool way to make quesadillas all over the internet and it looked quite simpleContinue reading “Thai-Style Quesadillas & Tacos with Fresh Tortillas”

Strawberry Ombre Heart Cake

Hellooo How are you? Are you in need of a super cute pink cake? Yes?! Me too!! My parents and my grandparents all came to town for a family get-together. And I wanted to make something super special and delicious and impressive for everyone to enjoy. Hence, say hello to this gorgeous strawberry Ombre heartContinue reading “Strawberry Ombre Heart Cake”

Vegan Pink Donuts (Dyed with Beets!)

A Magical Dream Came True I LOVEEE donuts. My boyfriend used to work at a donut shop way back in the day. I loved to go there and just be immersed in the heavenly scent of fried dough and frosting. Ahh good times… But there’s only so many donuts I can eat every day untilContinue reading “Vegan Pink Donuts (Dyed with Beets!)”

Harry Potter Sugar Cookies!

Harry Potter for Christmas For Christmas, I received this super awesome Harry Potter-themed cookie baking kit from Williams and Sonoma! IT IS SO COOL! It provides the recipe, a bunch of neat cookie cutters and piping bags to make incredible Harry Potter sugar cookies! So in December and into the beginning of January, we justContinue reading “Harry Potter Sugar Cookies!”

Holiday in Hawaii – December 2020 – Part 6

Welcome Holiday in Hawaii – December 2020 – Part 6, to the last and final part of our holiday on the gorgeous island of Oahu, Hawaii. I had the privilege of flying with my partner to visits my parents, who are living on the island for a few years for work. I can’t express justContinue reading “Holiday in Hawaii – December 2020 – Part 6”

Easy Dairy Free Chicken Casserole

An Ode to Casseroles After all the cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats this season, I am ready for some healthy food to restock my fridge. Do you like casseroles? I personally have a love-hate relationship with them. I love their convenience. Casseroles achieve a quick and easy meal prep because they’re soContinue reading “Easy Dairy Free Chicken Casserole”

Holiday in Hawaii – December 2020 – Part 5

Day 7 – Kualoa Ranch Raptor Tour and Ziplining, Chasing Big Waves and Watching the Sunset at North Shore! Kualoa Ranch Have you seen any of the following movies? – The Karate Kid II (1986)– Jurassic Park (1993)– Mighty Joe Young (1998)– Fifty First Dates (2004)– Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle (2018) We gotContinue reading “Holiday in Hawaii – December 2020 – Part 5”