cooking from my cookbooks – anchovy-garlic spread

What am I supposed to do with the rest of the tin of anchovies after I used like two of those little guys in a recipe? Search through the indexes in my entire stash of cookbooks for a recipe that uses anchovies of course! So here I am, coming to you with a new recipeContinue reading “cooking from my cookbooks – anchovy-garlic spread”

cooking from my cookbooks – kalamata mini french bread (gluten free)

Mmmm the smell of freshly baked bread… There’s really nothing like it. I’ve had this gigantic cookbook sitting on my bookshelf for a few years now, called The Healthy Gluten-Free Life by Tammy Credicott. It was actually recommended to my by an old neighbor (was her name also Tammy??) who is gluten-free and she saidContinue reading “cooking from my cookbooks – kalamata mini french bread (gluten free)”

cooking out of my cookbooks – pumpkin soup with tempeh bacon

Today’s recipe from my cookbook collection for pumpkin soup called for bacon, but I wanted to try a meatless alternative, so here we are presenting… TEMPEH BACON! It obviously looks and feels and tastes nothing like real bacon, but it’s yummy if you just think of it as its own food and not compare itContinue reading “cooking out of my cookbooks – pumpkin soup with tempeh bacon”

how to cook 101 – UMAMI (sweet potato soup with chile & lemongrass)

u·ma·mi/o͞oˈmämē/Not only is it fun to say, umami is the delectable taste that gives savory food its addicting and satiating qualities. When you taste umami, it’s actually because your taste receptors pick up on the amino acids (mostly glutamate) and the nucleotides (mostly guanosine and inosine) in food. Yum… lolAccording to Becky Selengut’s book HowContinue reading “how to cook 101 – UMAMI (sweet potato soup with chile & lemongrass)”

how to cook 101 -FAT (prune almond chocolate chip cookies)

Ahh the most misunderstood taste… FAT. It is so vital not only in recipes but also to our bodies for survival. But I’m not here today to discuss the types of fat, how it affects our bodies, or how much fat we should have in our diet. There are many different types and forms ofContinue reading “how to cook 101 -FAT (prune almond chocolate chip cookies)”

how to cook 101 – BITTER

Coffee, cocktails and political debates. People are addicted to BITTER. But before talking about the importance of bitter as a taste, let’s talk about how to tone down bitterness in your delicious food. Because, let’s just be honest, bitter is a signal to our brain that something is unripe and a potential toxin. No thankContinue reading “how to cook 101 – BITTER”

how to cook 101 -ACIDITY

I have a confession… I never knew “acid” was one of the basic tastes, but it is! Acidity is an important component to balance many dishes! You know how a squeeze of a lemon over your meat or pasta seems to brighten all the flavors? That is hydrogen ions causing your taste receptor cells onContinue reading “how to cook 101 -ACIDITY”

how to cook 101 – SWEET

Attention class! Today we are learning about… SWEETNESS! *throws sugar in the air like confetti, busts open the hidden leftover Halloween candy, swallows pixie sticks by the handful.* Our brains are wired to seek out sugar because it provides calories and it signals our instincts that something is ripe and safe to eat. Sugar, likeContinue reading “how to cook 101 – SWEET”

how to cook 101 – SALT

I found this super-amazing gem of a book this weekend at Powell’s titled How to Taste by Becky Selengut. The author is so hilarious, I was reading it aloud in the car with bae and we were laughing at all her little jokes and puns throughout the very educational content. I can already tell thisContinue reading “how to cook 101 – SALT”

finally putting my cookbooks to use! – cocoa walnut butter & quick-pickled cucumbers

I have (in my opinion) SO MANY cookbooks! Why do I say this? Because I feel so guilty when I want to buy a new cookbook. That little voice in my head is like, “well, Carissa, you know you have like hella cookbooks already that you drool over but have never actually made anything outContinue reading “finally putting my cookbooks to use! – cocoa walnut butter & quick-pickled cucumbers”

Healing My Gut on the GAPS Intro Diet

This blog is going to be about yummy recipes and funny stories – I promise! But I’m christening this blog with it’s very first post about my current struggle with food. It’s day 16 of the strictest diet I’ve ever been on – the GAPS diet. After years and years of abdominal pain, bloating, [noxious]Continue reading “Healing My Gut on the GAPS Intro Diet”